Top 5 Favorite Restaurants/Cafés In Columbus:

There is no doubt, I love my city and the surrounding areas. The Short North and German Village being two of my ultimate favorite locations. I have put together a list of my 5 favorite places to eat or get coffee at around Columbus!

  1. Pistacia Vera: I can't say enough about this place! I love every single thing about it there. First off, they are located in German Village and I absolutely love it there. They have the best coffee and the most delicious treats (my favorite being their macarons). They have the cutest little café inside, and I just die for their bright green table and chairs outside for when the weather is warmer.
  2. Lindey's: Also located in German Village. I have not had a single bad thing at this restaurant and I have been here several times, trying something new each and every time. Their outdoor patio in the back of the restaurant is hands down my absolute favorite in Columbus!
  3. Forno: This has to be my favorite pizza around. They have a really good happy hour and great drinks, but nothing tops their stone-fired pizza. Forno is located in the Short North with plenty of cute little shops close by to look around at after eating.
  4. Fox in the Snow: I couldn't leave this gem out. I love this cute café. Their coffee is amazing and the atmosphere is absolutely incredible. I have mixed emotions about the fact that they don't have wifi. It makes it hard if I want to go to work on my laptop, but then again I love it because it forces conversation instead of being glued to my phone or computer.
  5. Prost: This café is a little hidden treasure for sure. Located on East Main St. in Reynoldsburg, surrounded by nothing of its kind. It became one of my favorite little cafés last summer. They also have an adorable patio for warmer weather (can you tell, I am ready for patio season). Most importantly they have good wine, beer and a great selection of food.

These are just 5 of many amazing places that Columbus has to offer. I am a real lover of a quaint, cute, and cozy atmosphere. Of course good coffee, wine and food make it even better.

I definitely am looking forward for warmer weather in Ohio so I can enjoy the many amazing patios around here. What are some of your favorites?

Be Someone Who Makes You Happy!

      As I am sitting here, sick in bed, I am thinking about all of the recent dates I have been on lately and my "love life" in general (random I know). Some really good. Some really bad. And some in between the two somewhere. This past year was full of so many amazing experiences that taught me so much about myself. I have met quite a few people who have also, if anything, taught me about what I want in a relationship, significant other, or just a human in my life in any sense. I have dated some of the most amazing guys that I knew were almost everything I ever wanted.. but something was missing. Then there were guys that I knew from the very beginning were not going to go further than the initial meeting. I know, I know, this is the name of the game. This is how dating works.

      I would be lying if I said I haven't spent some time worrying about my life, being single. My best friend is newly married to an amazing man and I couldn't possibly be any more happy for her. Two of my other best friends are in serious relationships of 2+ years. And I just feel like I'm at that time in my life where everyone I know is getting married and having kids and I am not. I joke about being "single for life" and all, but ultimately I enjoy being single for right now. I truthfully don't think I am "ready." I guess what I am trying to say is I am just not willing to settle for "almost everything." I have so many things that I want to accomplish this year, and I'm not saying that can not be done while being with a significant other but I am saying I want to focus on me and my future before worrying about anything else.

      I have struggled finding my "niche" in school. I have changed my major, took a break, changed my major again and finally decided cosmetology is where my heart lies and I start school for that in March. I have started pursuing my passions, instead of doing what I think will make other people happy with me. This year I really want to take the time to focus on me, my goals and my future. I have decided to take this entire year off of dating. It might sound crazy but whenever I look back at my past "relationships" I notice that in each and every one of them, I wasn't ready. I didn't know what I was doing for myself, or what I wanted from myself, let alone from someone else. No more focusing on who I want to be with or who will make me happy. I am going to focus on who I want to be and what I am going to do to make me happy. As of today (1.17.18) I won't be dating with the intent of a relationship for an entire year. I hope to grow as much as possible as a person in this year. I will be documenting things along the way but at the end of my relationship free year I hope to share everything I have learned, experienced,  and accomplished in order to be someone who makes me happy!


Random Facts About Me:

Recently one of my best friends, Caitlyn, started her own blog and one of her first posts was 25 random facts about her which I really loved. There are so many little, random facts about any given person and I am always so interested in those little details, so I am going to steal her idea and share some of my random facts!

  1. My favorite colors are grey and pastel pink
  2. I have a cat named Hazel
  3. My birthday is September 23
  4. My nails are almost always painted (but if I get gel, I pick them off within a week..oops)
  5. I have blue eyes
  6. I have so many nick names... Tay, Tay-Tay, Taylie, T, Tator Bug, Bettis (no clue where that one came from), Peach and Squid
  7. I have two brothers and one sister
  8. I am obsessed with candles.... obsessed!!!
  9. I have the most random desire to visit Utah
  10. Santa Rosa, California is my favorite place I have been to thus far
  11. Ireland is the first place I want to go to out of the country (it looks incredible)
  12. I am the biggest family girl you'll ever meet
  13. I LOVE coffee
  14. I love driving by myself but don't like driving with other people in the car
  15. I really don't like the little red notification bubbles on the iPhone apps
  16. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower
  17. I have the biggest heart for children in the foster care system (I would love to be able to foster some day) and children in general
  18. My favorite quote is "Let it Be" because I overthink way too much and I try to remind myself to just let things be the way they are meant to be
  19. I am a hopeless romantic
  20. I have 4 tattoos
  21. I love birthdays. If you tell me your birthday, I will probably remember forever.
  22. I will listen to just about any music
  23. I love getting all dolled up and going out to a fancy dinner but I love my leggings and staying in for dinner and a movie even more
  24. I am never bored
  25. The name "Coral Canon" came from the street name I grew up on "Coral Canyon" but that domain was taken. I knew I wanted to incorporate my photography and I have always had a Canon so it worked out perfectly! 


2016 is coming to an end...

Oh my! This year flew by. I feel like with every new month I was saying "Oh my gosh, it is already September... October... November..." Now 2017 is just around the corner and I seriously can not even believe it.

This year has brought me so many amazing memories. Too many to count really. 2016 truly has been a year I will not forget. I broke out of my introverted shell just a little and that brought me some amazing times with amazing people that I normally would have never allowed myself to enjoy. I explored Columbus and that in itself was the best week of the year. I embraced my passion for photography. And of course, I can't forget the fact that I started Coral Canon this year. Which I know will continue to grow in the coming year(s)!

I am not one for the saying "new year, new me!" I am, however, all for New Year's resolutions. May they be big, or small, I love the idea of making changes to benefit yourself or the ones close to you. My resolutions this year are not anything too crazy but just a couple of things that I want to be better about doing. So here they are... 

  1. Write more thank-you cards- I am so awful about this to be honest. I shouldn't be because it doesn't take long to write out a note simply showing appreciation for the things my friends or family take the time to do for me. I also love stationary and have plenty of the necessities to write said thank-yous, so no more excuses. 
  2. Frame more pictures- I have ZERO framed pictures... (what?!) I love taking photos and looking back at them more than anything. So why do I not frame them and have them hanging up to see on a daily basis?!
  3. Stick to a blogging schedule- It is kind of hard to stick to a schedule when I'm still so new to it all, but I started this for a reason... I love it! I want to dedicate more time to my blog this coming year. 

I like to think these things are going to be easy to keep up on but considering the fact that I am so bad at them now.. I know it will take some effort. I really can't wait to see what this year has to offer because 2016 was definitely one for the books!